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When it comes to writing a book, “The End” is just the beginning. Let our team apply our years of marketing expertise as we create a book description that is designed to turn browsers into buyers.

Blurbs for many genres
We can write blurbs for many types of fiction and non-fiction genres
Marketing Savvy Matters
We use marketing methods in an effort to draw interest and drive sales
Ad Text Included
We give you the ad text you need to advertise on Amazon and Facebook

Buy More, Save More

We recognize the importance of repeat customers and that’s why we go out of our way to treat authors right. With our description writing discount we work to reward authors who come back to us again and again to have their descriptions written because they realize the incredible value that our service provides.

As you can see from the charts below, you only need to order three descriptions to start seeing savings and, once five descriptions have been ordered, you lock in our maximum discount! Best of all, once that discount is unlocked, that bargain price is locked in on all future orders. This discount system is great for repeat authors and series writers.

1 Description
150-250 words
Unlimited Revisions
3 text ads
Month-long collaboration time
Standard Price
3 Descriptions
150-250 words each
Unlimited Revisions
9 total text ads (3 for each book)
Month-long collaboration time
Save $50 off of the normal price
5+ Descriptions
150-250 words each
Unlimited Revisions
15 total text ads (3 for each book)
Month-long collaboration time
Save $74 off of the normal price

We will work with you through multiple revisions because we want to ensure that you’re satisfied with your final description. We aren’t happy until you’re happy.

An effective blurb is about more than just recounting a book’s contents. We know the marketing techniques that go into writing exceptional sales copy to sell your work.

Buy more and save more with our book blurb writing volume discount that is designed to save you money. Great for series authors!

Once you’re satisfied with your final description, we will add in the needed formatting so that  your book’s blurb looks great on Amazon.

We want to see you

As an author, writing a great book isn’t enough. To set your book on the road to success you also need the all-important trio of an eye-catching cover, a winning title, and a book description that is capable of turning browsers into buyers.

Without an eye-catching description it’s possible that you could lose out on sales. That’s where we can help. We strive to provide you with that all-important piece of the marketing puzzle, so that you’ll have an exceptional book description to round things out.

We have written a wide selection of both non-fiction and fiction descriptions and it would be our pleasure to bring our years of blurb writing and marketing expertise to your book so that we can craft a book description that’s designed to entice people to click the Buy Now button.

And, in addition to providing you with a professionally-polished description, we also include the copy for 3 text ads free-of-charge so that you can take your marketing to Amazon and Facebook, if you wish.

So, don’t let a dull book description let you down. Instead, let us help you position your book so that it’s poised to sell with an enticing book description.

01. Information Gathering

After your project dates have been set, and before our collaboration begins, you will be sent a worksheet to complete where we request some key information about your book as well as your current description, if you have one. Once we have that, and a copy of your book, we can get to work.

02. The First Draft Phase
With your content in hand, we will get to work crafting your description. During this process we will endeavor to write winning prose while employing marketing techniques to create a show-stopping description.
03. Review our work

After we deliver our first draft, now is the time when you can read the description over and provide feedback on what you like, and what you would prefer to see changed.

04. Revise until satisfied

If you requested any revisions to the first version of your book description that we sent over, then we will happily get to writing with those changes in mind. Revision number two will then be sent over and we will continue to repeat this revision and review process until you’re happy with the final result.


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John Feist

I am delighted with my collaboration with Heather and the first-rate work she produced. I’ll be back for more.

Edward Hochsmann

Heather provided an outstanding effort and delivered a high-quality, durable product well ahead of schedule.

Joshua Geckles

Heather’s work really speaks for itself. I’d highly recommend working with her!

Jane King

…Heather is clearly an excellent marketer. I cannot praise or thank her enough. She controlled the process with a schedule of clear deliverables. Everything was done on time and completely to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Heather for your project.

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