There are a lot of services and tools out there that will make your life as a self-published author a lot easier. With that in mind, we have gathered together a list of resources in one handy place so that you can refer to them no matter what stage you find yourself in your publishing journey.

Please note that affiliate links were used for some of these resources, which means that we may be compensated if you choose to use some of these tools and services.


Many elements that go into producing a good book; from editing to formatting to indexing there is much to be done before you’re ready to push the Publish button. Sometimes you want a one-stop shop to provide all of these services and, for that reason, we are providing the following resource to help you as your ready your book for publication.

2Nimble Author Services


2Nimble is an author services organization made up of experts from different specialties in book publishing. They provide authors with a range of affordable content preparation services and a simple process that will help you easily turn your manuscript into a quality book.

Since 2Nimble services are á la carte, you will never have to purchase a package with services you don’t need. They provide market access as a service, and they will help you create an individualized strategy for distributing your book.

Book Cover Designers

A cover that has that “wow-factor” is one of the most important elements when it comes to marketing your book. For that reason, you need to be sure that you have one that is exceptionally designed so that your wonderfully written book isn’t let down by a less-than-impressive cover.

It is with a well-designed cover that you will be in a better position to compete with all of the other authors all vying for readers’ attention. With that in mind, here are a few cover design services for you to consider when it comes time to purchase a cover.

Best Bargain Book Cover Designer

100 Covers

100 Covers

100 Covers offers an affordable and quality option for authors. You only need to look at their samples to see that they produce amazing covers for an exceptionally low price. It’s quite amazing that they are able to turn out such high-quality work at such an affordable rate. Because their cover design work is so impressive and affordable, we wholeheartedly recommend 100 Covers.

Best Premium Book Cover Designers

Damonza Logo


After working with many, many authors we have noticed a common denominator among those with great covers: many of them had their covers designed by Damonza. This cover design company has frequently produced covers for New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, so that alone speaks to their quality of work. Damonza has generously allowed me to offer authors a discount of 5% off of their cover design services when you use coupon code HEATHERW

Ebook Launch

Ebook Launch

This service is also a viable choice when it comes to cover design. Just take a moment to look over their cover design portfolio to see the level of quality that you can expect when working with these talented designers.

Best Ultra-Premium Book Cover Designer

Jeff Brown Graphics Logo

Jeff Brown Graphics

If you're an author of a science fiction, fantasy, or supernatural novel, and you want a book cover designed by someone capable of producing movie-poster-quality imagery, then look no further than Jeff Brown. Just one look at Jeff's portfolio is all it takes to see that he is a consummate artist.

Best Premade Book Covers

The Book Cover Designer

The Book Cover Designer

If you don't feel ready to go the custom-design route, then you should consider browsing the extensive collection offered on this multi-vendor marketplace.  This service was created to give indie authors and publishers access to professional designers without breaking the bank and The Book Cover Designer has been satisfying customers since 2013. With thousands of covers, spanning a multitude of genres, you're sure to find an eye-catching cover that perfectly suits your book.

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